GPS Research on the rooftop

22.01.2016 - Dominik Baumgarten


Our series on RUB RUBIN is rolling on: the latest feature focusses on the reserach at the working group for Information Security. Under the supervision of Prof. Christina Pöpper the group investigates (among others) in the security of GPS systems. The article in RUBIN follows our doctoral researcher Kai Jansen onto the rooftop of Ruhr-University, where he experimented with different kinds of signals for his dissertation project.

500.000 Clicks for Cryptography!

15.01.2016 - Dominik Baumgarten


Prof. Christof Paar from the chair for Embedded Security (EMSEC) had his lecture on cryptography documented and filmed for a period of two semesters. A video footage series of 24 talks is available on YouTube. The contributions on the channel "Introduction to Cryptography by Christof Paar" have already been watched over 500.000 times. We are very lucky and thank you all for your interest in our research fields!

The power of cyber attacks - a commentary by Prof. Thorsten Holz

05.11.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


Since the discovery of the malware Stuxnet it became more and more obviousthat the use of attacking software can be a low-cost but highly efficient method to conquer (illegal) political interests and desires. Prof. Thorsten Holz from the HGI comments on the potential danger of a cyberwar and the current status of the preventive IT-Security measurements on the German side. The commentary can be read online on the pages of RUBIN.

Video-footage from the latest crypto workshop

05.11.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


After presenting the "Workshop on Tools for Asymmetric Cryptanalysis" in Bochum on October 8,2015, the Chair for Cryptology and IT-Security (CITS) now published a channel on Youtube to feature some filmic footage of the individual talks. The program contains presentations Martin Albrecht, Thomas Johansson, Thijs Laarhoven, Daniel Dadush und Léo Ducas. The CITS group wishes a lot of fun watching these inspiring contributions!

FSE 2016 at HGI

01.10.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


From March 20-23, 2016 the Horst Görtz Institute invites to the "23rd Workshop on Fast Software Encryption (FSE 2016)", which will be held at Ruhr-University Bochum. The workshop puts emphasis on current questions on Symmetric Cryptographie as well as Design and Analyse of Block Ciphers. Interested young scholars are warmly invited to also join the ECRYPT CSA & UbiCrypt Spring School SYMMETRIC CRYPTOGRAPHY (March 17-19, 2016).

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