FSE 2016 at HGI

01.10.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


From March 20-23, 2016 the Horst Görtz Institute invites to the "23rd Workshop on Fast Software Encryption (FSE 2016)", which will be held at Ruhr-University Bochum. The workshop puts emphasis on current questions on Symmetric Cryptographie as well as Design and Analyse of Block Ciphers. Interested young scholars are warmly invited to also join the ECRYPT CSA & UbiCrypt Spring School SYMMETRIC CRYPTOGRAPHY (March 17-19, 2016).

SmartTvs and unwanted filmmaking

04.09.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


Our HGI scholar Marcus Niemietz and his team from the Chair for Net and Data Security tested the security of smarttvs in their latest study. Via W-LAN or USB-device these smart televisions can easily be hacked, which could for example activate the integrated webcam and with this give unwanted insights into one's private space. First analogue trick to prohibit others from unwanted insights: a piece of tape across the camera-lense!

CITS organizes Crypto workshop

26.08.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


Our Chair for Cryptology and IT Security (CITS) organizes the "Workshop on Tools for Asymmetric Cryptanalysis" on October 8, 2015. The event is funded by ECRYPT CSA Network and focusses on the topic from a broad and international perspecctive. Therefore, both software and hardware aspects and the according tools will be discussed. Interested scholars from all related areas of research are warmly invited to participate.

UbiCrypt is looking for doctoral candidates

07.08.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


The DFG-funded Research Training Group UbiCrypt is again looking for doctoral students who wish to pursue a PhD in the field of IT Security within a structured program. In addition, the program is advertising a postdoc position with strong interest in the interdisciplinary supervision of the doctoral group. Both applications address young scholars with a degree in IT Security, mathematics, computer science or any other related field. The application deadline for all positions is August 31, 2015.

"The Imitation Game" - Kryptography in theatres!

01.07.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


The successful movie "The Imitation Game" traces back to the early origins of modern cryptography. The blockbuster tells the story of mathematician Alan Turing, who created new standards in computer science by inventing the ENIGMA and the so-called "bomb". In an interview with abi.unicum.de, Prof. Christof Paar from the HGI revisits the scientific authenticity of the current movie and explains the importance of Tuning's fundamental research.

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