Chair for FOC organizes the first "Bochum Workshop on Cryptography"

17.04.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


The newly founded chair for Foundations of Cryptography (FOC) organizes the first "Bochum Workshop on Cryptography" on April 22-24, 2015. National and international scholars as well as members of the chair are going to present; the three-day-event with around 20 presentations covers a broad range of current cryptographic research areas. "Random Oracles", "Matrix Problems" orr "Hash Functions" are a few examples of the topics, which will be put on display.

FAZ special supplement on industry 4.0 in NRW

10.04.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


Entitled "Nord­rhein-West­fa­len - Spit­zen­stand­ort für In­dus­trie 4.0" a special supplement of German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung focusses on the broad potential of the region with regard to its current multi-faceted development. The Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security is acknowledged as top facility by prime minister Hannelore Kraft and minister of economic affairs Garrelt Duin. The HGI contributes an article on its ongoing research and projects.

Voice control - fried or foe?

10.04.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


The voice control software in electronic devices such as mobile phones or smartTVs reacts on the mention of fixed keywords. These keywords activate search requests on the internet, which can be traced in the same manner as every other online procedure. An audio feature on "Deutschlandfunk" puts emphasis on the "bug potential" of these voice controled devices sich as "Echo" by Amazon and similar products by Apple, Google or Microsoft.

Chair for Foundations of Cryptography starts off this semester

10.04.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


The faculty for mathematics and the Horst Görtz Institute start off into the spring term with the new chair for Foundations of Cryptography, Prof. Eike Kiltz, and the according junior professorship, which will be held by Prof. Sebastian Faust. The chair will focus on questions on theoretic cryptography, design and analysis of cryptographic protocols as well as complexity theory. The HGI wishes a pleasant start into the new semester!

a-i3 invites to the symposium 2015

10.04.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


The Research Group "Iden­ti­täts­schutz im In­ter­net" (a-i3) invites to this year's symposium on April 16-17. The annual event will encourage representatives from scholarship, industry, policy as well as foundations to get in contact and share experiences. The main topic „IT-Si­cher­heit zwi­schen Über­wa­chung und frei­er In­ter­net-Nut­zung“ deals with current technical and juridical questions around interdisciplinary IT security. Special emphasis will be put on the interrelation of privacy and open WiFi.

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