Virus scanner for smartphones?

27.01.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


How secure can smart­pho­nes be? Prof. Dr. Thors­ten Holz from the HGI comments on iOS and An­dro­id. Both platforms can carry various apps, which unfortunately may contain malware. In many cases the user has to commit to further downloads in order to receive freeware. Holz therefore suggests continuosly updated virus detection software, which should only be downloaded from trustworthy suppliers such as for example Goog­le Play Store.

CPDP Junior Scholar Award for HGI scholars

23.01.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


Til­man Frosch, Sven Schä­ge, Mar­tin Goll and Thors­ten Holz from the HGI received the CPDP Ju­ni­or Scho­lar Award for a paper on "Lo­ca­tio­nal Pri­va­cy in the Ab­sence of An­ony­mous Pay­ments". On January 21-23, 2015 the conference "Com­pu­ters, Pri­va­cy and Da­ta­pro­tec­tion" (CPDP) takes place in Brussels and builds an important platform for the european data security community with special regard to technical and juridical aspects. Congratulations!

Prof. Dr. Tim Güneysu is member of the "Junges Kolleg NRW"

23.01.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


On Ja­nu­ary 20, 2015 six young scholars from the Ruhr-Uni­ver­si­ty Bochum were invited to join the "Junges Kol­leg NRW" of the "Nord­rhein West­fä­li­schen Aka­de­mie der Wis­sen­schaf­ten und der Küns­te". Among them is Prof. Dr. Tim Gü­ney­su from the Horst Görtz In­sti­tute. The initiative funded by Mer­ca­tor aims to provide ideal and finacial support for outstanding research projects to young scholars for a period of four years.

Follow us on Twitter!

23.01.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


Get in touch with the HGI! On our Twitter account we constantly inform about current actvities, upcoming events and newest results by our ITS scholars from the participating chairs, working groups and collaborations. In addition the HGI managing office will supply information for networkers and current press coverage from various media. The HGI is looking forward to many followers, in­ter­es­ted readers and tweeters from all areas of IT security!

Fluxfingers win three "Golden Flag Awards"

23.01.2015 - Dominik Baumgarten


The Rea­li­ty- and Cy­ber­ Game "Cap­tu­re the Flag" (CTF) becomes more and more popular among ITS students. The HGI Flux­Fin­gers host the event "hack.?lu CTF" on a regular basis and was now awarded at the first "Gol­den Flag Awards". With the categories "CTF: Most Fun", "Chal­len­ge: Best Pwnable" & "Chal­len­ge: Most un­ex­pec­ted so­lu­ti­on" the Flux­Fin­gers could gain three awards at one time. The HGI says congratulations!

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