Thors­ten Holz and Jo­han­nes Dahse earn "In­ter­net-Security-Award" by Face­book

21.08.2014 - Dominik Baumgarten


Prof. Dr. Thors­ten Holz and Jo­han­nes Dahse from the HGI were granted with the "In­ter­net-Security-Award" on August 20, 2014. The 50.?000 Dol­lar price was awarded by Facebook for their research on security-gaps within online applications. Holz and Dahse show concrete gaps and possible opportunities for damage in social networks and, with this, demonstrate concrete user-related IT-security research. We congratulate both HGI-researchers on this amazing award!

IKT.NRW publishes documentary on the visit of Minister Duin

21.08.2014 - Dominik Baumgarten


The visit of Minister Garrelt Duin at the Bochum Centre for IT-security on July 21, 2014 was mirrored by a broad press coverage and various media. We are delighted to see these lots of positive feedback, which demonstartes the public interest in the regional reserch on IT-security in Bochum and at the Ruhr-University. Therefore, we recommend the short documenting movie by IKT.NRW, which briefly summarizes the successful IKT-day organized by IKT.NRW, HGI and nrw.uniTS.

SKIden­ti­ty ent­wi­ckelt Tech­no­lo­gie zur Lo­gin-Ver­schlüs­se­lung

21.08.2014 - Dominik Baumgarten


On the internet not only single data can be collected by hackers, even entire electronic identities are endangered by malware. Current press coverage reports the insecurity of password-based online authentification. The upcoming SkIDentity-technologie, which was developped as part of the "Trusted Cloud“-program shall now work against the possible identity-loss. The new research results will be presented in Stuttgart/Germany on november 4, 2014 at the "Open Iden­ti­ty Sum­mit 2014“.

Insecure USB-Sticks?

21.08.2014 - Dominik Baumgarten


Whereas most electronic devices can be prepared againt hacking, malware or other digital insecurities, USB-sticks still provide lots of security-gaps. Being connected to constantly new hardware they can't be prevented by one single software. Prof. Dr. Chris­tof Paar from the HGI illuminates the actual status of USB-security in a short documentry on "Monitor" (in German). Together with Ralf Benzmüller from G Data Paar gives an insight on current research according to connecting devices.

Hackers and Heart Pacemakers

21.08.2014 - Dominik Baumgarten


Prof. Dr. Chris­tof Paar from the HGI talks to the German newspaper WAZ about the constant dependence of users from smallest technical and electronic devices of all kinds. Not only classic computers, but also houses, cars - and almost every portable part - can be part of a wider network. Apart from many positive opportunities, Paar mentions the growing possibilities for hacking and malware. He points out the varios difficulties and hazards, which have to be treated carefully by current IT-security research. Therefore, constantly prevailing updates in research are more than necessary.

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